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Edgardo Abbozzo

Machines and Balances

A cura di: A. Anelli, V. Fagone, I. Tomassoni
Copertina: Brossura
Formato: 20 x 20 cm
Pagine: 48
Perugia, 0000
ISBN: 88-85330-59-2


Exhibition at Till Gallery in Villingen - Schwenningen. November 1991.

... in Abbozzo's scales, irony and silence apparently counteract as fantastic, active and still feasible proceedings in the imagination. Irony is the perimetry and intelligent drive of every creative game at the end of any proposable certainty. Nor is silence the final stop in any possible elocution, but is instead a space or island of concentrated attention, able not only to recognise and activate images and symbols, but to arrange them in accordance with rational apertures and orientations. Irony and silence seem to the artist today, and those who would decipher with him his most recent alchemic task, the sole two proposable attitudes for an all-important strategy and implementationif imaginative survival.
[V. Fagone]