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A Double Portrait by Antonio Ricci

Ángel Rodríguez Rebollo

A cura di: Paul Smeets
Copertina: Cartonata rivestita in tela naturale e impressione a caldo
Formato: 24 x 26 cm
Pagine: 80
Perugia, 2019
ISBN: 978-88-89024-91-1
Prezzo: € 40.00

The monography describes an unknown miniature of Antonio Ricci (Ancona c.1560 - c.1635). The painting, in oil on cardboard (5,2 x 9,2 cm), is a double portrait of two young girls, Juana and Isabel de Aragòn y Pernstein, daughters of Fernando de Aragòn y Gurrea, fifth Duke of Villahermosa and his wife Juana de Pernstein y Manrique del Lara. The sisters are shown in bust portrait format. They are wearing identical clothes: a red satin dress, with tunic sleeves emerging from underneath, and shoulder rolls ornamented with precious stones. Around their necks they wear wide ruffs, mounted on a silver support with pendant [...]